6 Signs You May Have Psychic Powers

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6 Signs You May Have Psychic Powers

Have you ever wondered if you may be psychic? This article provides details of some things which may indicate psychic powers. If you experience any of these telltale signs, you may have psychic abilities.

Intense dreams

If you are having dreams that are so powerful, so vivid, so realistic and so clear that they do not seem like dreams at all, then you may have very strong psychic powers. The dreams may carry messages about future events or answers to questions you have.

Reading other people's minds

If you sometimes feel that you can see into other people's minds to read their thoughts and emotions, this is a strong sign that you may be psychic. This type of skill can be incredibly useful as it allows you to understand other people's motives and feelings. However, you should use this knowledge with care so you do not offend or upset people.

Connection to the spiritual world

If you feel you can sense and communicate with angels and other beings in the spirit world, this is a strong indicator that you have psychic abilities. For example, you may receive messages from beings in the spirit world or have visions in which they appear to you.

Intuitive feelings

If you are able to sense things intuitively, then you may have strong psychic powers. For example, you may have the feeling that someone close to you is in danger or that something bad is about to happen. If these feelings are so strong that they cannot be ignored, then it could be that your psychic powers are providing you with a warning.

Seeing auras around people

If you can see auras of coloured light around people, this is a sign that you have strong psychic powers. Auras indicate people's moods and health, so being able to see them may be useful for determining how someone is feeling or what they are thinking. However, you should use your ability with care as it could make other people feel uncomfortable.

Out of body experiences

If you have out of body experiences, then you may have psychic powers. For example, you may go into a state of unconsciousness where your mind leaves your body and travels to a distant place. This is a rarer ability and can be very useful for viewing locations and events taking place many miles away.

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